Since COVID-19, there has been a marked drop in sponsorships and funds sorely needed by athletes all around the world. The impact on the industry has been severe with the entire supply chain of sports being severely affected with athletes being one of the hardest impacted.

The WOLFPACK fund aims to solve part of this issue by allocating part of our revenues to supporting athletes in need by helping them to purchase equipment, relevant services and in the future, to sponsor them into becoming full fledged professionals.

Because in a WOLFPACK, nobody gets left behind.

Image by Fredrik Solli Wandem

How does it work?

All base race registrations cost USD2.00 per entry (exclusive of any transaction and admin fees). This fee is used to cover basic admin costs and up to 50% of these fees will be channeled into the WOLFPACK fund.

Funds are then used to provide basic equipment for budding athletes around the world who can apply online with us for support. We are currently not doing any cash support at this time but may consider doing so in the future. 

Look out for the WOLFPACK fund percentages on other merchandise and purchasing options as an indication of how much of the sale price goes to supporting athletes. 

In the same manner, the apportioned amount will go into the WOLFPACK fund to support athletes around the world.

How do I apply to become a WOLFPACK supported athlete?

To apply in becoming a WOLFPACK athlete, please send us an email (hellowolfpackgang@gmail.com) with your story and how you envision fulfilling your dream. 

Confirmed athletes will be notified via email/mobile and will need to fulfil certain requirements as set forth by WOLFPACK.